Eligibility Requirements:
  • Should not be more than 18 1/2 years old when they embark on their adventure.
  • Above-average academic performance. Students do not have to be at the top of their class, but students who are in the upper third of their class typically have a better exchange experience.
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and effectively. 
  • Demonstrated community leadership skills.
Additional Considerations:
  • Possess well-rounded personalities with an ability to think through their problems and the stresses of living in a foreign environment. 
  • Have an inquiring mind and be actively interested in their own environment and the world in general.
  • Possess a pleasant personality and have the ability to communicate with other people easily.
  • Be good ambassadors for their town, for Rotary, and for their country. During their year abroad, they may be called upon to address many groups.
If you think you would be a good representative for Rotary International, download and fill out the application and forward it to the Youth Exchange contact person identified on the cover page. The club officers will interview students and parents in their area and submit applications to the District Chair.  When approved by the local club, the student's paperwork will be sent to the District to determine if eligible for an exchange.
Apply now!  Applications must be submitted by the end of October!