How can you be engaged?  We have many committees from which our members can choose to be involved.  As a club committee member, you help make your club a successful, thriving, fun place.  Being active on committees strengthens the club, supports the community, and introduces you to new and interesting people.  Whether you have been appointed as a committee chair or serve as a committee member, you can help your club improve your community and develop leaders.  Try serving on a committee different from your normal work life.  Broaden yourself while helping the community!
Our committees are organized into three broad categories, overseen by various members of the Board of Directors:
If you are interested in becoming involved in a Downtown Billings Club committee or would like more information, simply contact the Chairperson of the respective committee.  You can find the Chair's contact information in the printed Directory of Membership booklet or by logging in to the website's Member Area.