Billings Rotary Club is accepting messages from, and for, its members, both present and past.  These messages will be in the form of a 1-inch-deep by 7-inch-wide rectangular box positioned below historic information in the Club's coffee-table-sized book.  This is a 96-page, hard cover book celebrating the Club's 100 consecutive years (1916 to 2016) as a member of Rotary International.

The number of messages is limited to the first 25 signed Agreements received by the Club.  Reservation for messages, along with Logo, if applicable, is needed by Jan 20, 2016.  A payment of $250 must be received by the Club's Treasurer no later than February 15, 2016.


The MESSAGE must be either:  (1) a company logo with no more than 12 words or (2) a memorial  phrase honoring a past club member in 12 words or less or (3) a tribute of no more than 12 words for a past or current member.  No photos.  No color availability.   The messages will appear in the main section of this 96-page Centennial Celebration book, which will be distributed shortly after printing by Donning Publishing, anticipated in April 2016.


To reserve a message space by Jan 13, complete this form and email it to Club President Sandy Wong at   If you have any questions, you can call Sandy at 247-8315 or Jim Graff at 697-1692.


Thank you for your support!


Edited 1/11/2016:  Deadline for messages extended to 1/20.