Gareld KriegThe Downtown Billings Rotary Club is excited to announce that Rotarian Gareld Krieg and his wife, Barbara, have made a major donation to the Rotary Foundation.  Major Donors are recognized by Rotary International when their cumulative donations to the Rotary Foundation reach $10,000.  They are honored with a crystal recognition piece and a Major Donor lapel pin or pendant, as was Gareld as well as Past District Governor John Stewart and his wife, Susan. 
There are multiple levels of recognition:  level 1 at $10,000, level 2 at $25,000, level 3 at $50,000, and level 4 at $100,000.  When cumulative giving reaches $250,000, the Major Donor is inducted in the Arch Klumph society, and there are other levels of recognition beyond this. 
All of your contributions to the Rotary Foundation count toward becoming a Major Donor as well as membership in the Paul Harris Society at the $1,000 level.  Our club currently has 70 Paul Harris Fellows, which represents just over 40 per cent of the club's membership. We hope that, as a result of our current fundraising efforts, we will soon have at least 16 new Paul Harris Fellows, which would make it more than 50 per cent of the club membership.  Our long-term goal is to make that ratio 75 per cent.  Our members have to date made a total of $457,000 in qualifying contributions, and we want to push that figure up to $500,000, a major lifetime milestone for the club.
With the holidays upon us, 'tis the season for generosity.  And don't forget Giving Tuesday; this year it's on December 1.  A significant way that we demonstrate a commitment to "Service Above Self" is by supporting Rotary through our donations.