Print/News/Media:  works with local news and network television stations to highlight the club's projects and announcements.

Cogwheel/Directory:  Working closely with the club's Secretary, this committee keeps track throughout the year of resignations, deaths, new members, and name/company changes.  They put together the weekly Cogwheel and the yearly Directory of Membership.

Website:  Responsible for maintaining and updating the club's website on

Environment:  Responsible for engaging in community service projects that improve or maintain the environment in Billings.  Activities include inviting relevant speakers to give presentations to highlight issues related to the environment and Billings.  The committee also organizes a semi-annual roadside cleanup outside of Billings. 

Membership/Development/Attendance/Retention:  Establishes programs and initiatives to identify, introduce, invite, and induct new members.  Oversees and coordinates the new member application, review, and approval process; schedules induction of new members; and coordinates with the Orientation Committee to ensure all new members complete the orientation program promptly after induction.  Monitors attendance and participation data provided quarterly by the club secretary.

New Member Orientation:  Conducts formal orientation and education program for wall new members.  The orientation addresses Rotary organization and programs from the local club to the international level.  At least one orientation session is conducted each quarter. 

Rotary Minute:  Provides information and continuing education to members about Rotary programs and activities through Rotary Minute presentations at meetings, printed literature, and electronic media.

Family of Rotary:  This committee is the center of information regarding member illnesses, deaths, or other personal difficulties.  Keeps the President informed of member accomplishments.

New Generations/Youth Programs:  Performs two distinct functions:

  • Student Guests.  Contacts local high school counselors to select students to attend regular club meetings.  The students are invited to address the club and are afforded an opportunity to apply for a monetary scholarship.  A few of the students are selected by the committee to receive scholarships.
  • Eagle Scouts.  Coordinates with local Boy Scouts of America troops to identify scouts who have earned the Eagle Scout Award.  The Eagle Scout is invited to present to the club the project that earned him the honor.  The flag flown over the US Capitol Building is then presented to the scout by the club.

RYLA:  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  Coordinates the selection of high school students who will attend the RYLA camp in the summer.  Also coordinates transportation for the students.

Rotaract/Interact Committee

CelebRotarian Committee

Rotarian Tribute Committee

Centennial Celebration Committee