House (Set-up):  Responsible for the set-up and take-down for every Rotary meeting.

Greeters/Prayer/Pledge/4-Way Test:  The backbone of every one of our meetings.  Three members help with meeting arrangements: 

  • A Greeter who stands at the doorway, welcomes guests, and hands out the Cogwheel, the club's weekly newsletter.
  • A Guest Introducer sits at the registration desk and makes a list of the visiting Rotarians and guests to be introduced during the meeting.
  • The Prayer Leader is called upon by the President to lead the club in the Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and the Four-Way test.

Nominating:  Nominates the six Club Officers and the six First-Year Board of Directors each year.  Meeting in November, the committee consists of all Past Presidents.  After the committee confirms a full slate of Rotarians for the Officers and Directors, the club at large votes on the proposed slates.

Programs:  One of the most important committees, brings speakers to the weekly meetings.  Seeks vibrant and diverse programs of interest.  Instructs each speaker on presentation guidelines, and appoints a Rotarian monthly to make introductions.

Social and Recreation:  This is the 'FUN' committee.  They develop special programs highlighting fellowship for members and their spouses in conjunction with holidays as well as other times.  Rotary is not just about rules, regulations, working, and donating.  This committee needs several Rotarians with lots of great ideas.

Risk Management Committee

Finance Committee